New lower prices at Mail Our List

Do you know about the changes at Mail Our List? Read below for the details.

1. No more sales of text and banner impressions. You can now use your sends for banner and text impressions.

2. Lower send prices. Click on buy sends and see the new prices.

3. Solo ads are also available for a low price. See Solo Ads on the menu. (Not entirely new. They have been available for a while).

4. As you know, Mail Our List is part of World Traffic Services, so a box has been added lower on the page. Titled “Check Out Our Business Network”. You will find a TV Ad in this box that is pulled from our members at A TV is also shown now on the login page. Check them out.

5. Mail Our List has been around since 2012, is one of the biggest LFMVM based mailers online, and we are committed to keeping it growing and improving.

If you re not mailing our members then you are really missing out.

I hope you like the changes.

Login now and see for your self.

Author: Tony

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